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Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Review: An Old Fashioned Education

Are you looking for a homeschool curriculum that combines a Christian basis with the basics of a good childhood education? You may have found it here with An Old-Fashioned Education. Keep reading to learn more about it.
A Good Education is still Free... even a Homeschooling one
An Old-Fashioned Education is a website devoted to providing homeschooling parents with free curricula on a variety of subjects. While many parents want to give their children a good quality education they often lack the funds to do so. Many curricula can cost several hundred dollars for each grade year.
That doesn't mean that you have to send your child back to public school. You can find free curriculum resources online for a variety of subjects to create a well-rounded education for your children. Give your children everything they need (and you too) from day one even if you are not a teacher by trade. Best of all, it is all out there on the Internet for any parent to use. This site cuts out the legwork and provides the links to the information that you need.
What is Included
The site believes in the well-rounded teaching methods of Charlotte Mason, a well-known English educator who believed children could be guided to make their own decisions instead of being taught what to think. To that end, you will find a variety of categories listed on the left hand side that include subject links to both textbooks and "living books." Living books are those on a variety of subjects that are fun to read but also teach lessons at the same time. They can be used to emphasize a variety of subjects.
Some books included in the resources were published before 1923 so they are part of public domain. This means that they can be downloaded, printed, copied and reproduced in any way fit. Older books used as textbooks and living books set a high standard for children of today. They expect excellence at a certain level and you can also present that to your child.
Another benefit of older texts is that they will satisfy the moral obligations that Christian homeschoolers want. Because older books were written from a Christian worldview that followed scripture, characters are seen in real-life situations where they overcome their temptations through their faith.
Many books and resources contain grade levels that they are best suited for. Free curriculum sites like Ambleside Online are also referenced to find more materials.
The Verdict
When you are short on cash, you can still give your child a quality homeschool education. There are tons of free curriculum resources available so that you can customize each subject and lesson to fit the needs of your children.
Carolann Henderson, homeschooling mom, website editor, researcher, student of graphic design, and musician in our family bluegrass gospel band, The Hendersons. You'll find some more homeschooling curriculum reviews, general homeschooling information, free resources, tips and encouragement on my website. I also have a free gift for you that you will find instrumental in getting and staying organized in homeschooling and all areas of your life along with a free ebook to help you homeschool holidays. You can claim your free gifts by visiting my website and signing up for our free newsletter. We look forward to serving you.

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