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Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Research Homeschool Socialization Avenues

One huge reason families stay on the fence to finalizing their decision to homeschool is because of the age-old question of "Will my child lack socialization skills"?
I agree, its vitally crucial to growth and proper development for children to play and interact with one another.
Let's research homeschool socialization avenues, which offer valuable and wholesome opportunities for children to engage.
Homeschool Co-ops are a convenient and popular arrangement. A co-op is commonly known as 'cooperative learning', but I like to refer to it as, 'collective learning'. The format is usually set-up where parents teach various academic or skill based courses.
There are a host of classes kids can choose to attend. The co-ops we've been involved in have offered some of the following opportunities: art, cooking, public speaking, writing, remedial math, science, foreign language, music, dance, martial arts. (etc )
I've personally taught public speaking and knitting classes. I've even enlisted my own children to co-teach, as to elicit leadership skills.
Learn to Serve
Volunteering is a perfect outlet to ground social skills. It offers the ability of learning to "serve someone other than yourself". My kids have volunteered at retirement homes, thrift stores, library, hair salon and botanical garden.
Enrolling in art classes are an excellent way to engage your children socially. My kids have attended weekly homeschool classes at Michael's and pottery classes at an independent business. They also offer t-shirt crafts, cake decorating and jewelry making.
I consider music and dancing as arts as well. My kids have enrolled in violin, gymnastic and ballet. The establishments offered weekly homeschool sessions and discounted prices for multiple children.
Get In Motion
Every child needs plenty of exercise. Why not sign them up for sports or fitness classes. A local organization called, YES Kids Fitness offers a homeschool program dedicated to nutrition, teamwork, sports performance and weight lifting. Also there are Athlete Homeschool Associations in almost every state.
We have not begun to scratch the surface of the socialization opportunities. Searching for activities could began with an interest in 4-H or a hobby of horseback riding. Contact your local homeschool organization or become creative in bringing other families together. I must warn you not to become so busy school work gets delayed.
My kids have been invited to sleepovers, birthday, play dates, sport events etc. simply through the friendships established from participating in the activities mentioned.
I'd be happy to help if you're struggling with finding activities for your children. Please contact me.
For the Love of Our Children,
contact me

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