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Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Review: Pimsleur Foreign Language

Foreign language is required for high school graduates whether they are homeschooled or in a traditional setting. Within the homeschooling classroom you have more choices as far as the curriculum that you choose to use. One option for your students is the Pimsleur foreign language programs.
The Pimsleur method was developed by a linguist named Paul Pimsleur (1928-1976). His method is based on his research over his many years of teaching foreign language. He learned to organize foreign language materials so that they would be processed effectively through the language learning power of the human brain.
The key principles of his method of foreign language learning include: graduated interval recall, principle of anticipation, core vocabulary and organic learning. With Graduated Interval Recall, when learners are reminded of new words at certain intervals, it was more likely that the information would move from short-term to long-term memory (permanent memory).
The Principle of Anticipation deals with the fact that the brain hears what someone says and anticipates a response. This complex process within the brain creates new neural pathways of understanding. By using the same principle of asking for understanding, asking for a response and then reiterating what the correct response should be, this process can be duplicated with foreign language learning.
Core Vocabulary involves learning a few phrases and words at a time until the level of mastery and then moving on to add more. Using his framework, adding new vocabulary becomes easier to master.
With Organic Learning, each new item that is introduced is done so within a conversation or other type of exchange. Students learn the context in which this word will be used for greater understanding.
What is Offered
There are several options for purchasing foreign language materials using the Pimsleur method. At Pimsleur, shipping is free as well as the first lesson of any language. Your program options include: Quick and Simple, goPimsleur, Basic, Compact, Conversational, Pimsleur I, Pimsleur II, Pimsleur III and Pimsleur IV.
Quick and Simple is an introduction to any language and offers four hours of audio instruction on 4 CDs. Go Pimsleur offers four hours of audio instruction and three hours of reading instruction. Basic contains five hours of audio instruction in any language. All three include the first 10 lessons that you would encounter in Pimsleur I.
Compact includes five hours of audio instruction (broken down into ten 30-minute sessions) along with reading instruction and cultural notes. Conversational provides eight hours of audio instruction that include the first 16 lessons of the Comprehensive level. Comprehensive includes 16 hours of audio instruction on 16 CDs which equates to thirty 30-minute sessions. It comes with reading instruction and cultural notes.
Languages available for study include French and Spanish but also harder to find instruction for languages like Croatian and Arabic. The materials can get expensive so would suggest taking advantage of the free lesson offer to see if you like the material and the method.
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