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Kamis, 05 September 2013

Book Review: The Parent's Guide To Raising CEO Kids

Kids have dreams. What if their dreams include entrepreneurship? Learn how to encourage their endeavors as well as guide them in the direction of business success with the information found in The Parent's Guide to Raising CEO Kids.
Adults are not the only ones who can come up with ideas that can define their lives. Kids are also capable of creating organizations and products that the world will want to take part in. their ideas and zeal should be encouraged and nurtured in the moment not put off until later or discouraged.
Dr. Jerry and Sarah Cook have put together a book with interviews of over 200 young people who have caught that "entrepreneurial bug" and have turned it into success. They endeavor to discover the characteristics of these kids and what sets them apart from others. Also, what if anything their parents and upbringing have to do with it.
Instead of patting your child on the head when they express their vision of a new project or business idea, you can provide valuable assistance to them in the form of support and resources. The author's have found that the pursuit of these dreams can provide kids with practical life skills, future financial independence, personal satisfaction as well as a fulfillment of social responsibility.
One thing that parents can do is to teach their kids about money and responsibility, the value of earning their own dollars. As a young entrepreneur, they will need to know how to handle money and how it can further their dreams.
Through their dreams and goals they can begin to shape their own future. It is not easy to begin a business or to weather the often unpredictable environment. Parents can provide that security and foundation that their children will need as they pursue their dream.
As children share their insight and path to entrepreneurship with the Cooks, parents and children reading this book can uncover how they can each inspire the other to see the dream through to fulfillment. This book is as much of value to the child as to the parent when it comes to feeding the entrepreneurial spirit.
No matter the age of your child, if they have an idea, the information in this book will help you to nurture it. If they have talent and gifts that they want to share with the world, why shouldn't they be allowed to do it? Channel their efforts and believe in their dreams no matter how many they have.
Want a good read for the family? Consider The Parent's Guide to Raising CEO Kids. Encourage the independent spirit that is the mark of trailblazers, even young ones.
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